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Pitched Roofing Is The UK's Most Popular Choice Of Roofing Installation

Pitched roofing is the UK's most popular choice of roofing style. A pitched roof is a roof that has at least two slopes which meet rise to meet at a peak. At 5 Star Roof Care Care we have a vast wealth of experience with installing pitched roofs of all different shapes and sizes. We offer an end to end service for all aspects of roof installation, including roof lights, specialist fixings, membranes and much more. We understand that every customer is unique, so our fully qualified staff will tailor every part of our service to your specific needs.

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Pitched roofing offers a wide range of advantages, including:


  • Design

A pitched roof is one of the most aesthetically pleasing roof designs. Many of our customers prefer this style as it gives a more homely feel. A quality pitched roof can really turn a house into a home.

  • Weather resistant

Their design allows for potentially severe weather such as snow, rain and hail to run off the roof and into the drainage installed.

  • Durability

Being so weather resistant, the style of a pitched roof will last longer than most other styles. A quality pitched roof installation can last around 30 years.

  • Space

A pitched roof adds a significant extra space in your property. This can a create a versatile space which can increase the seeking value of your property.

Pitched roofs are most commonly made up of three different materials and styles:


Plain tiles

Constructed from a range of materials, plain tiles are the perfect choice for any home. They are hugely versatile and come in an assortment of designs and styles. They are extremely easy to work with, and come with the added benefit of having a long lifespan, which in turn reduces your costs in the long term.

Interlocking tiles

A superb cost effective choice which, like plain tiles, is easy to install. It has highly aesthetic look, and can bring a wonderfully traditional feel to your home. They’re highly versatile and can be used on nearly any pitched roof.

Slate roofs

When looking at slate roofing, there are 2 types to choose from: Man-made, or natural. Each of them suit different styles of home, allowing you to put that personal touch on your property. Man-made slates are a great choice as they are cheaper to install than natural slate, without reducing the aesthetics. It can be tailored to make a more uniformed finish than natural slate and is made in batches to ensure colour is identical throughout. Natural slate, on the other hand, gives an effortless natural finish. It has a huge life span and is easy recyclable, making it the more environmentally friendly choice.

At 5 Star Roof Care Care, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our friendly team of pitched roofers provide the highest level of customer service every time. 

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