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Chimneys are a usually the highest point of a property and, as such, can take a real beating from weather conditions. They are hardest hit by changing temperatures and high winds which are pushed over the the roof of the house. Water can be absorbed into the brick and mortar, and changes in the temperature will then cause the water to expand and contract, weakening the brick and mortar in the process. This can lead to multiple problems, one of the most common being that it can cause cracking in the brick and mortar, which can then create gaps that allow water to leak into your property. All of this may not be visible until you start seeing signs of damage inside your house, such as damp and rotting in the loft.

Flashing can also be damaged by wear and tear from adverse weather conditions. The flashing is layers of material surrounding the point where the chimney and roof meet and hold the important role of blocking leaks at the joint. It can be constructed from multiple materials including lead, aluminium, vinyl/pvc, steel and copper. Here at 5 Star Roof Care, we have the expertise to install and repair all of the aforementioned flashings. Simply contact us and one of our happy experts will be on hand to cater to your every need.

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Spotting the warning signs that your chimney is in need of repair is a key part of maintaining the health and safety of your property. There are several signs you can look out for:

Rusted damper or firebox

There should not be any rust in the damper or firebox. If there is, it’s a clear sign of damage to your chimney. This could also be sign that there is damage further up the chimney, e.g. cracked flue tiles. This can be a serious issue, as flue tiles channel heat up the chimney. If these are broken it could allow excessive heat to escape into the house, which, in extreme cases, could cause house fires. If you see rust on your damper or firebox, it is essential to get your chimney looked at by a professional as soon as you can.

Spalling bricks

Spalling bricks are caused by moisture seeping into the brick and mortar and causing the bricks to break apart/spall. It is imperative you call a professional as soon as you can after spotting spalling bricks in your chimney.

Cracks or damage to the chimney crown

The crown is the small part right at the top of the chimney, often in a funnel form. This part of the chimney plays a crucial part in stopping water from flowing down the chimney. Unfortunately, it is also the part of the chimney that takes the damage from the elements.

These are just some of the signs of damage to look out for on your chimney. At 5 Star Roof Care, our team of fully qualified chimney repair specialists are vastly experienced at dealing with all types of roofing and chimney damage repairs. To find out how we can help you, please call us now on 0208 226 5235 and speak to one of our friendly colleagues who will be happy to help.

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